12 Principles Retreat


12 Principles of Yoga Retreat

The 12 Principles of Sat Manava Yoga as outlined by our Gurus, current holders of the Sat Manava Yoga lineage - Yoga's oldest unbroken lineage,  are a part of daily life at Hridaya and their practice and mastery is not only our aspiration, but also our greatest source of fulfillment.

Immersion into the Principle comes from in-depth teachings, clarifying examples, potent exercises, and practical application to take home with you. For the greatest benefit and full immersion, you can sign up for a yearly cycle at any time. The Yogis say the most auspicious time for life enhancement is always now.

However, each retreat is complete unto itself and offers an incredible amount of knowledge and experience. Join us for one, mix and match, or take your practice and life to new heights by establishing yourself in a monthly retreat cycle.

This retreat is not a "vacation" to step away from your life to de-stress, but an intensive experience for you to step into the life you long for! Don't wait! We keep our attendance at each retreat under 10 people to maximize your experience. 

Upcoming retreats: 

  • Pranayama "Expanding And Extending The Life Force" Aug. 10th-12th
  • Ulta Sadhana "Yogic Reversal Of Negativity" Aug. 31st-Sept. 2nd

  • Asana “Postures for Enhancing the Flow of the Life Force” Sept. 29th-30th


The 12 Principles of Sat Manava Yoga

  1. Tarka “Yogic Rationale and Reasoning”

  2. Yoga Mimamsa “Yogic Philosophy of Life and Living”

  3. Samyama “Pure Yogic Meditation”

  4. Pranayam “Extension and Expansion of the Life Force”

  5. Ulta Sadhana “Yogic Reversal of Negativity”

  6. Asana “Postures for Enhancing the Flow of the Life Force”

  7. Mitahara “Yogic Food and Nourishment”

  8. Rasayana “Yogic Substances for Health and Longevity”

  9. Tattva Suhddhi “Purifying Matter and the 5 Senses”

  10. Swapna Yoga and Yoga Nidra “The Yogas of Dream and Sleep”

  11. Swara Yoga “Prana, Mind and Reality”

  12. Divya Deha “Divine Life of a Yogi”


What will you get out of this retreat...

  • Unparalleled detailed study of the individual facets of Yogic Living

  • Harness the true power and potential of Yoga

  • Tools to maintain Yoga practices from healthy eating to daily meditation

  • Open yourself to the true possibilities of your highest potential


Retreat highlights...

  • 6 hours of Yoga Instruction
  • 4 hours of 12 Principles workshops
  • 5 Sessions of assisted personal practice
  • Sattvic (balanced) vegan fare-prepared by experienced Yogi chefs
  • Pradakshina-a meditative hike, circumambulating our Guru's practice temple, a traditional practice to receive the emanations of accomplished practitioners (optional)

For more information...

  • $389, all Inclusive price. 
  • Friday 4pm Arrival~Sunday 6pm Departure
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Check out our complete Calendar of Retreat dates and other events.