Yoga Weekend Retreat


Yoga Weekend Retreat

Discover the mystical, yet scientifically provable, life enhancing aspects of Yoga! We will cover all the basics and then go beyond the conventional study of Yoga.

Our Sat Manav Yoga Weekend Retreat covers the 12 Principles of Yoga as outlined by our Gurus, current holders of the Sat Manav Yoga lineage, Yoga's oldest unbroken lineage. The study of the 12 Principles will fulfill your life whether you consider yourself a seasoned practitioner or someone simply searching for more.

Immersion into the Principles come from... 

 in-depth teachings, clarifying examples, potent exercises, and practical application to take home with you. This retreat is not a "vacation" to step away from your life to de-stress, but an intensive experience for you to step into the life you long for! Don't wait! We keep our attendance at each retreat under 10 people to maximize your experience. 

Upcoming dates: Sept. 13th-15th, Oct. 5th-7th, Nov. 2nd-4th, Dec. 7th-9th


What will you get out of this retreat...

  • Deep understanding of the essentials of Yoga practice 
  • Insight into achieving and maintaining physical health
  • Meditation techniques to release mental and emotional stress 
  • Answer the questions of life: What is my purpose? Why am I here?

Retreat highlights...

  • 3 hours of teachings, application and discussion on Yogi life and Yoga 
  • 9 hours of Asana (postures), Pranayam (breath extension) and meditation intensives
  • Sattvic (balanced) vegan fare-prepared by experienced dedicated practitioners and chefs
  • Pradakshina-a meditative hike, circumambulating our Guru's practice temple, a traditional practice to receive the emanations of accomplished practitioners (optional)
  • Traditional Yoga ceremonies-outer experiences that reflect and enhance our inner goals
  • Nadi Vaidyum (Yoga system for removal of the subtle channels blockages, available at extra cost)

Enjoy a Yoga Festival day...

  • The first full day of our retreat is a Yoga Festival!
  • Traditional Yoga ceremonies-outer experiences that reflect and enhance our inner goals
  • Teachings on Yoga Living, as a whole
  • Live kirtan (sacred music) featuring Shiva Lila
  • Meditation
  • Beautiful accommodations to rest in the silence of the forest 
  • Sacred and healthy vegan meals
  • Sacred temples and shrines where you can meditate and contemplat

Explore the 12 principles of yoga

  1. Tarka "Yogic Rationale and Reasoning"
  2. Yoga Mimansa "Yogic Philosophy of Life and Living"
  3. Samyama "Pure Meditation"
  4. Pranayam "Extension and Expansion of the Life Force"
  5. Ulta Sadhana "Yoga Reversal of Negativity"
  6. Asana "Postures for Enhancing the Flow of the Life Force"
  7. Mitahara "Yoga Food and Nourishment"
  8. Rasayana "Yoga Substances for Health and Longevity"
  9. Tattva Suhddhi "Purifying Matter and the 5 Senses"
  10. Swapna Yoga and Yoga Nidra "The Yogas of Dream and Sleep"
  11. Swara Yoga "Prana, Mind and Reality"
  12. Divya Deha "Divine Life of a Yogi"

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