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Tour of Hridaya

Hridaya Hermitage was founded in 1988 by Bhagavan Vashi Baba as a sanctuary for the authentic practice of Vashi Yoga, the oldest, continuous lineage of Yoga. This picture tour of Hridaya Hermitage takes you on a journey of our 60 acres of pristine hardwood forests decorated with many shrines, samadhis, and temples. Enjoy this brief glimpse into the day of the life of the Yogis of Hridaya. 

Narbhavi Yagna

Our monthly festivals are concluded with a traditional Narbhavi Yajna, a sacred fire ceremony, representing the power of fire to transmutate one substance into another. The fire of Yoga bestows the same transmuational power upon human beings, enabling the transformation to divinity, Yoga calls the Divya Deha or divine body.