Hermitage Needs


Things we need...

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Hermitage and our intention to benefit all beings! Please contact us if you would like to give! If you have something you think we might need but do not see it here, let us know. We update this page all the time. Thank you!


Kitchen Remodel!

We are very excited to be starting a, much needed, solar system upgrade! In the process we have to remodel the community kitchen. Here is a list of things we need:

  • A 6 burner propane stove w/ oven. Gently used is fine!
  • Any industrial grade food processors, blenders, etc. Gently used is fine!
  •  If you have construction experience contact us to see if you can help! Thank you!

Summer time gardening!

We have sizable gardens that expand every summer and we're gearing up for Summer 2018!

  • Organic seeds and seedlings
  • Experienced gardeners!


Misc. Goods: 

  • Small hand held filming camera or Ipod
  • New linens for the cabins for our 2018 Retreat season
  • Sound equipment for our traveling musical Yogis
  • Traditional Indian percussion instruments

Misc. Services:

  • We are always looking for Social Media savvy people who would be willing to donate their time to help us work on our internet presence. Please message "Uma Lescault" on Facebook if you are interested. Thank you!