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Hermitage Shrines & Grounds

Shrines & Grounds

One of our main Shrines is The Balaji Shrine. It is an outdoor shrine where we perform Narbhavi Yagna. Yagna means “unconditional worship” and is a traditional Yogic ritual of offering mantras and oblations to a sacred fire, emanating an intention of transformation.  Yagna has been used for thousands of years in the Hindu culture as way to send out mantra (prayer) and offerings to humanity through fire and the smoke it emanates. It is a ceremony dedicated to inspiring a desire to opening up to our true humane nature. The Sanskrit  mantra we recite is Om Narbhavi Swaha, that means:  “Goodness is manifest for all beings”. This is the primary mantra of Sri Bhusunda, who endlessly recites this mantra through the eons of his longevity. The Narbhavi Yagna is a wonderful opportunity to “wipe the slate” of Karma, make great changes, and begin a new trajectory in life. To find out how you can participate in the Narbhavi Yagna click here for our Events page.

Scattered throughout the Hermitage you will also find many smaller shrines as a reminder of the miracle of life and the divinity that surrounds us. Each shrine has its own wonderful story into the unique history of the Hermitage.  Just ask any disciple of Hridaya and you will hear many inspiring tales. Check some of them at the gallery bellow: