Meditation Aids

Brain Entrainment 

Science has realized that our various mental states (relaxation, focus, anxiety, sleep, meditation...) correspond to specific brainwave patterns. It is possible to use sound to influence the brain, bringing us to the state we desire. For example, as you listen to an alpha (relaxed awareness) brainwave audio track, certain areas of your brain will literally follow the rhythm and will bring you to a state of relaxation and release. Here you will find specifically designed audio tracks to support meditation and enhance your life. The Yogis of Sat Manav use these daily! Accompanied with peaceful music or nature sounds this is the perfect audio to accompany your meditation practice. Not only does it drown out distracting noise, the music itself brings you deeper into meditation! 


Meditation Tracks

This collection is specifically for your meditation or Yoga practice. It can be played ambiently or through headphones. We use these in our evening meditation practice.  


Life Tracks

This collection is designed for use when being active, working, and general daily activities. They bring you to states of deep focus, enhance productivity and help you be more effective in all aspects of life.