Meditation Retreat

To meditate is to the harness our power of attention, our power of manifestation. The methodology of meditation is the systematic, rational approach to attaining what we long for most in life: fulfillment for our selves and all beings.

There is so much more to this practice than sitting in a quiet room and attempting to still the mind to relieve tension. It is a tool that, when properly wielded, will lead to consistent positive growth, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually! Come to learn meditation, from its subtle intricacies to its vast untapped potential. Discover how it can guide our own lives, and in turn humanity as whole, towards lives of fulfillment!


Meditation is...

As in Patanjali Sutras, meditation is comprised of three stages of attention. It is the attention itself that progressively moves inward through these stages: attention leads to sustained concentration (Dharana). Sustained concentration leads to meditation (Dhyana). Meditation leads to deep absorption (Samadhi). Come to experience the expansion of your attention and learn more about how to meditate or come to improve your practice. 


What you get out of this retreat...

  • Learn the true power and potential of meditation

  • Harness your power of attention to lead a more fulfilling and productive life

  • Tools to maintain a progressive daily meditation practice

  • Benefit yourself, your loved ones and the world at large by becoming a positive point in the universe

  • Open your mind, expand your awareness!


Retreat Highlights...

  • 6 hours of Yoga Instruction

  • Two 2 hour Meditation workshops

  • 5 Sessions of assisted personal practice

  • Sattvic (balanced) vegan fare-prepared by experienced Yogi chefs

  • Pradakshina-a meditative hike, circumambulating our Guru's practice temple, a traditional practice to receive the emanations of accomplished practitioners (optional)


For more information...

  • $389, all Inclusive price. To see a complete list of our various packages click here.

  • Friday 4pm Arrival~Sunday 6pm Departure

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