Prasad Shala

Prasad Shala is...

our kitchen and formal dining hall where we serve energetic and loving food, fit to offer the patron deity of the Bhu Devi Mata Mandir, Shakti Bhu Devi. In Yoga this practice is called Mitahara. A highly energetic and influential practice, which involves the preparation and consumption of blessed food, cooked and prepared as Prasad or “gracious gift”. Prasad is food that is first offered to a deity, saint, or guru and then distributed in His or Her name to their followers or others as a blessing. The Prasad is then considered to have the deity's blessing residing within it. We seek to provide a sacred and loving environment in which practitioners of Vashi Yoga and guests of Hridaya Hermitage can imbibe the highest level of Prana and vitality possible from this Prasad. To enhance the experience of Mitahara patrons are seated around the inner sanctum of the Devi Mata temple looking out onto lemon stream and our many beautiful gardens. We observe meditative silence during all meals to encourage the contemplation and sensation of the Prana we receive from the food.