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Arayna Apti: Connecting to Nature through Yoga


Both science and spirituality tell us that all beings are connected and interdependent. But what is humanity’s true place in this web? Every animal seems to live and “be” its purpose effortlessly, supporting and expanding Life in the process. So… what’s up with us?  


Many of us feel a “spiritual connection” to Nature—but what does that really mean? How can we expand that connection? Most fundamentally: What is our right relationship to Nature and the nonhuman beings? What are we here on Earth to do together?


Finding—and living—the miraculous answers to these paramount questions at the core of our existence is what this weekend retreat is all about. To get there, we’re going to go far, far beyond “nature as our sacred yoga studio” or just practicing asanas outside. We’ll use the most powerful wisdom tools known: Yoga, meditation, logic, direct experience, and the love all Nature has for us. You don’t want to miss this one!


·       Explore humanity’s purpose, from spiritual scriptures to modern beliefs and attitudes

  • Discover ancient Yoga practices created to open us to our true nature

  • Learn how to ground your spiritual practice in Nature, even in the city

  • Support for identifying and adopting “natural” human(e) food choices for the benefit of all beings

  • A “hiking meditation” to a nearby mountaintop to practice “being” human—and experience how Nature responds! 

  • Time away from your phone and the internet – there are no cellular or wi-fi signals at the ashram

  • Free time to slow down, look and listen, and expand your inner, natural experience of connection to Life 

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