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Digital Detox Yoga Retreat

  • Sat Manav Yoga Ashram Industry, Maine United States (map)

Long before there were scientific tools to prove their findings, Yogis knew the human body to be an ultra-sophisticated electromagnetic system, aligned with the Earth’s own bio-resonance. As modern technology proliferates, we find ourselves exposed to more and stronger manmade frequencies that disrupt the natural vibrations within and around us, negatively affecting all life-forms.

Here at Sat Manav Yoga Ashram, cellular networks and wi-fi signals don't reach us! We are off-grid and use electronic devices minimally. Your “digital detox” will begin as soon as you arrive!

But that is not all. Because the Yogis truly understood our electronic organism, they knew how to harmonize it when disturbed, using our inherent power of attention and physical manipulations. In today's world where digital and electronic “pollution” are seemingly unavoidable, this ability is essential to a happy and fulfilled life.

This retreat focuses on how to use Yogic practices, lifestyle, diet and even technology to minimize and counteract the physiological and psychological effects of manmade EMFs, paving the way to a “cleaner world” for the benefit of all beings.


  • Explore our true nature as human beings as the care takers of the planet and how we can align ourselves to that

  • Specific Yoga Intensives to ground and balance the body’s electrical system

  • Presentations on how to reduce and counteract EMFs in daily life

  • Guidance on Yogic practices and lifestyle to maintain digital balance

  • Meditation instruction to help you harness your attention mitigating digital distraction and dependency

  • Activities to reconnect with nature and life—the real “www”, the wonderful wider world

If this is your first time to Sat Manav please read out intro page before registering. Thank you!
$389 All Inclusive Price. Kids are welcome. Inquire for family rates.