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Vana Visosana~Nature Retreat

  • Sat Manav Yoga Ashram Industry, Maine United States (map)

Our Vana (“forest”) Visosana ("healing of a wound”) weekend retreat explores the role of Nature as the True Healer.

Yogis have always known (and science is catching on) that health and happiness is our natural state and everything we need to BE that is available to us within the natural world, in its natural state.

Time spent in Nature has been clinically proven to lower blood pressure, inflammation, cancer risk and stress. But there’s more to the story than just reducing exposure to air, noise and digital pollution.

Contact with the Earth and natural elements literally heals the body on a cellular level. Simply walking barefoot on the Earth's electron-laden surface reduces stress and inflammation, symptoms of being electron deficient. Rushing water generates negative ions, powerful antioxidants that also boost serotonin levels and brain oxygenation. And that’s just scratching the surface of Nature’s synergistic healing effects.

The Earth's healing powers don't just help us “feel better.” Nature biologically rejuvenates us in ways no manmade substance can. Yogic practices show us how to systematically harness these “miraculous” yet scientifically verifiable healing processes.

Join us to reverse the effects of modern living among the trees, beside a rushing stream… Not only will you breathe fresh mountain air; you will explore the amazing Yogic healing power of your breath—and so much more!


· Full immersion in a quiet, mountain woodland setting

· Complete digital detox (off-grid, no internet or cellular use)

· Workshops on Yoga practices that will guide you in actively absorbing Nature’s healing elements

· Presentations on how you can transform your home to be closer to Nature and provide natural health supports, even in the city

· Organic, wholefoods, plant-based vegan menu

· A hike to nearby waterfalls

· Free time to relax, listen to the birds and explore our woods and trails

If this is your first time to Sat Manav please read our Intro page before registering. Thank you!