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Pranayama "Expand the Life Force" Retreat

  • Sat Manav Yoga Ashram Industry, Maine United States (map)

True happiness and fulfillment comes from life-enhancing experiences. All suffering comes from life being diminished or taken away. We all want more experience, more happiness—more life!

The breath is the vehicle of life. The awesomely powerful practice of Pranayama (meaning “expansion of the life force”) brings us more life through the perfection of breathing, the most vitally important activity we engage in.

Through directed attention, deepening awareness and dynamic breath manipulations Pranayam expands and extends the gross, subtle and energetic aspects of breathing. It builds the life force, purifies the body and mind, and enhances our experience of living—and of fulfillment!

Join us for this weekend retreat and learn seldom revealed secrets of Pranayam. This amazing practice gives us the power to expand life, benefiting ourselves, the world and all beings!


  • 6 hours of Pranayam instruction

  • Explore the Pranayam philosophy of living in accordance with our true nature, to expand life

  • Experience the healing and rejuvenating power of Pranayam

  • Establish a Pranayam routine that you can do at home to continue your journey

  • Enjoy an organic, wholefoods, plant-based diet, complete digital detox, and time in nature, fully immersing into a life-expanding environment!

$389 All Inclusive Price.

If you have never been to Sat Manav please read out Intro page before you register. Thank you!

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