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Samyama: “Pure Yogic Meditation”

Samyama is the state of intense, focused attention that allows us to meditate and be absorbed in reality, while concentrating on all manner of activity. It can be practiced at all times, in all places, forever enhancing our lives through the clarity, insights and knowledge gained.

Samyama is our greatest power, from which all our other abilities come. All of our attainments, achievements and successes come through varying levels of Samyama. Samyama is the supreme methodology Yogis use to gain knowledge of everything, including the true nature of a human being. 

The third chapter of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras — 25% of the text — is dedicated to Samyama. This illustrates the essential nature of Samyama in the practice of Yoga, the science of "uniting with reality." 

To become a master of Samyama is to become a master of true success. Samyama is the original, unadulterated power of manifestation. Yogis use it to manifest what we all desire most: to be fulfilled and emanate that experience to all beings!

This retreat will reveal the true meaning of Samyama. Discover the latent innate power of extreme focused attention we all possess! 


  • 8 hours of instruction on Samyama “Pure Yogic Meditation”

  • Experience and reap the full benefits of stress release and emotional and physical healing that meditation brings

  • Deepen and establish a daily meditation practice

  • Immerse yourself in the mountains, 100% digital distraction free

  • Enjoy a plant-based, Yogically balanced menu ideal for a quiet and focused mind

  • Learn simple yet profound practices to bring your meditation into all that you do

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