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Vashi Yoga

The path to attain the ultimate purpose of human life

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We homage our Sat Guru Sri Bhusunda whose light can dispels all ignorance and guide us to true fulfillment.

Humans have life as the one and only real possession, which is the most important facet of our existence and nothing can be experienced without it.

By having Life as our most precious possession we have the unique, natural inclination and disposition to enhance it and expand it wherever we are.

What few of us do realize is that our great power of attention, as humans, is the main key to make it happen, to make life expand and be propagated. But, every human being was born to do so.


When we intensify this naturally given power of attention into life itself (on its components), that’s when we finally found our purpose to be alive.


Life is an amazing happening and has been created to be expanded. It is composed by three basic components, which forms all life on this amazing planet. One is capable of recognizing this composition of life just simply by realizing which singular components are common to all living beings:

1.     We are all conscious and aware - the consciousness;

2.     We all breathe and experience energy - the life-giving force;

3.     We all have some form of embodiment - the elements that forms matter.

Intense focus, using our power of attention, in these three components of life presents itself being the true nature of humans, bringing us to our path of fulfillment.

Through Yoga one is capable to live and to experience this true nature we are born with and therefore one is able to emanate this knowledge and experience to other life forms, for life has the same composition for all of us.


By placing continuous focus attention on life, it will become more apparent, more clear and constant, more transparent and pure, being the person able to reach immortality and divinity.

That is the ultimate fruition of our lives, as human beings. Yogis discovered that it is then emanating this informantion, through our vibrations frequency, to all other living beings.