Weekly Yoga Intensive

our Weekly Classes

Hatha Yoga Class: Every Saturday 9:00-10:30am

Meditation Class: Every Friday 6:15-7:15pm


We will be teaching at the Common Ground Country Fair! Hope we see you there!

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Hatha Yoga Class

Come experience a full Hatha Yoga class focused on the physical aspects of Sat Manav practice. Appropriate for all levels. A complete routine to release stress, reverse degeneration and rejuvenate and create openness of body and mind.

This class is a time for students to learn detailed movements, Pranayams “breathing mechanisms”, Asanas “postures”, bhandas and mudras “energetic movements” and the meditational aspects to enable more focused attention on the present moment and on your true self. Every Sunday we will approach a different component of the practice and increase knowledge and experience.

The first class of each month we focus on the first section of the Sat Manav Hatha Yoga practice: Chitta—”Consciousness”. With specific asanas we promote expanded awareness, helping you to become more aware of life through specific inverted and back-banding asana. 

On every second class we move to Prana: the life-giving force, with specific postures, techiniques and movements that will enhance your breathing capacity and improve your well-being as a whole. 

The third class we will deepen knowledge and experience of the elements (air, fire, space, water and earth), our senses: Tattva. We’ll explore postures and movements, with specific breathing, to move the elements in the body and rejuvenate each organ and physiological system on the physical and subtle levels. 

On the fourth (and fifth) class we will review and perform the whole sequence: from Chitta through Prana into Tattva, putting it all together. Each student will perform the sequence by him/herself and work with our yogis/yoginis to improve and expand. 

Our goal is to empower you to be able to practice at home, coming once a week to clarify questions, increase knowledge, get inspired and boost your vitality, your wellness, your health and your happiness. 

This is a unique experience and opportunity to access traditional ancient yogic wisdom that you can apply into your life at home. We will assist you and adapt to your abilities and skills.  

On Saturday at 9:00-10:30am

  • $15/per person; $20/per family (1-2, adults, 1-2 children)

  • Join us for a deliscious vegan dinner afterwards. $10.

  • Please RSVP via email, or call/text (207) 485-1228.

Meditation class

As in Patanjali Sutras, meditation is comprised of three stages of attention. It is the attention itself that progressively moves inward through these stages: attention leads to sustained concentration (Dharana). Sustained concentration leads to meditation (Dhyana). Meditation leads to deep absorption (Samadhi). Come to experience the expansion of your attention, learn how to meditate or deepen your current practice. 

On Fridays at 6:30-7:15 pm ~ $10/per person

  • Please RSVP via email, or call/text (207) 485-1228. See you soon!

Directions to our Yoga Shala…


Follow the directions on our directions page. DO NOT follow your GPS. Thank you!

Once you have arrived you may park at our sign. If you are staying for dinner you may park at our upper lot. To do so drive up the road along the stream, beyond our sign.

As you walk/drive up you will see two wooden signs on the trees, one of each side of the road, painted in white, written in red, saying: YOGA.

Follow that path up the hill, through the yard, and around the cabin. You will see a large building with a deck, the “Hamsa”. Come on in! You’ve arrived!

All classes are held at the “Hamsa”. We gather here every morning to practice Hatha Yoga, as part of our Sadhana (spiritual practice).


Join us for a delicious vegan meal before class on Friday or after class on Saturday:

$10 Adults, $5 Children.

RSVP Required via email, or call/text (207) 485-1228. You can pay online or upon arrival.


You can pay with cash/check upon arrival, or here, on line.

Please RSVP via email, or call/text (207) 485-1228. See you soon!

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