Weekly Yoga Intensive

We're very excited to offer Yoga & Meditation classes to our local community!  

Hatha Yoga Class

Come experience a full Hatha Yoga Practice! The class is focused in the Sat Manav Yoga sequence and it is available for all levels. We will assist you and adapt to your abilities and skills.

You will be taught by one of our resident practitioners. All Yogis at Sat Manav Yoga Ashram have Yoga as their main focus in life. We will share with you a little bit of the incredible benefit experienced from our daily yogi life.

On Sundays at 3:30-5:00pm

  • $15/per person;

  • $20/per family (1-2, adults, 1-2 children)

Meditation class

As in Patanjali Sutras, meditation is comprised of three stages of attention. It is the attention itself that progressively moves inward through these stages: attention leads to sustained concentration (Dharana). Sustained concentration leads to meditation (Dhyana). Meditation leads to deep absorption (Samadhi). Come to experience the expansion of your attention and learn more about how to meditate or come to improve your practice. 

On Fridays at 6:15-7:15 pm

  • $10/per person

How to pay?

You can come by and pay with cash, check, or here, on line. If on line is your preferred option, click in the bottom bellow and follow the instructions.

Pay Here

How to arrive at our Yoga Shala?

All classes are held at the “Hamsa”, the first building that existed at the ashram. It’s the Yoga Shala that resident practitioners gather every morning to practice Hatha Yoga, as part of their Sadhana (spiritual practice).

Follow the signs at the road as you come by going up, inside the property, after the entrance sign. There are 2 wooden signs on the trees, one of each side of the road, painted in white, written in red, saying: YOGA.

Follow that path up to the second building. That it is, our Hamsa! You’ve arrived! Welcome to Sat Manav Yoga Ashram.

Please RSVP via email, or call/text (207) 485-1228. See you soon!

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Also join us for a delicious vegan meal after class on Sundays:

@ 5:30pm: $10 Adults, $5 Children.

RSVP Required via email, or call/text (207) 485-1228. You can pay online or upon arrival.