directions from Farmington



From I/95—Boston Area or Lewiston Area
Via Farmington, Maine

Please print these directions to make sure you have them when you need them!

This route takes you from I-95 through Lewiston/Auburn, Turner, and Livermore to Farmington.

Set your GPS for 222 Broadway, Farmington, Maine (a café called “Soup for You”). From here, it’s an easy 20 minutes (14 miles) to the ashram.

As you leave Farmington, please TURN OFF or TUNE OUT your GPS. GPS is not reliable close to the ashram. It frequently directs people down impassible snowmobile trails that it "thinks" are roads, causing delays and vehicle damage. Please don’t take chances. Follow these simple directions.

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Head east out of Farmington by going STRAIGHT on ME-43 East/Perham St.

Stay on ME-43 East for 6.3 miles. Pass the Industry town office on your right and Clearwater Lake on your left.

When you see the historic red school house on your left, turn LEFT onto scenic ME-148 East/West Mills Road.

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Stay on ME-148 East for 5.1 miles. Pass the Double B Equine Rescue on your right. A few seconds later you'll come to a 4-way intersection and see a white “Welcome to Industry” sign on your left. Turn LEFT here onto Rand Road.

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You’re almost here now! Watch your odometer carefully. Continue on Rand Road for 1.2 miles. You’ll see a log yard on your left, and a fork in the road coming up. Take the LEFT fork to continue on Rand Road.

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In about 1.2 miles, Rand Road ends at a Y. You’ll see a row of mailboxes on your right. Bear LEFT here onto Greenwood Brook Road (dirt road)—that’s our road!

Continue 1.4 miles on Greenwood Brook Road to a concrete bridge at the bottom of a steep hill. (Go slowly here in snow or mud.) You’ve arrived! The ashram access road is on your left, next to our sign. Parking for events is on your right.