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Please fill out the following form to apply for your Seva retreat. We will contact you shortly via email. Thank you!

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Include: Date ranges, how long you would prefer to stay, and your first, second and third choices of time frames. Please give as detailed a time frame as possible. For instance: "Any weekend in June." is acceptable, but just writing "June" is not enough information for us to go on, unless of course you can literally come ANYTIME in June. Thank you!
Please describe any special skills or experience you have in the context of service. Please exclude things like "body work", "Yoga teaching" and things of that nature as we do not enlist those types of services within our Seva Retreat program. Thank you.
This is in addition to the hour of Seva all residents and guests help in the kitchen. Depending on some other factors in general we deduct $10 from your daily cost for every additional hour after 4.
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To help us create your Seva schedule please check all that apply. Depending on what is needed at the Ashram, seasons, etc. all of your preferences may not be able to be met, but we will do our best.
Is there anything we should know in creating your Seva task list?
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Please let us know if you have had, or are having, any issues with mental health, substance abuse or criminal activity. We respect your privacy, but need to know as you will be completely welcomed into our community. Thank you.
What is your understanding of Seva "Selfless Service"?
This information allows us to give you advice on travel times and the best route to the Ashram.
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Please specify the time of arrival for meal planning. Thank you!
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