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Choose your Retreat


Weekend Yoga Retreats

We offer unique and immersive weekend retreats! Each one focuses on a particular aspect of Yoga and Yogic living, providing a truly in-depth learning and life changing experience. Covering everything from Pranayam “Expansion of the Life-force” to Digital Detox there is certainly something for everyone desiring to discover a truly fulfilled life and a way to benefit the world. See all the themes in our Retreats Calendar for upcoming dates, prices and further details.

Rates: $349-$449

Personal Yoga Retreat

Our personal retreat program allows you to concentrate on your personal practice, taking full advantage of the powerfully supportive Yogic environment of Sat Manav Yoga Ashram. You will enjoy full access to our Yoga Shala, meditation temples, vegan Yogic fare, daily yoga classes, group practices, miles of woodland walking trails, wood fired sauna, extensive libraries and the company of Yogis who have dedicated their lives to its highest aim. This is the perfect environment to establish or deepen your practice and expand your Life! Available at any time.

Additional services available onsite: Vashi Yoga Massage, Vashi Abhyanga (oilation) Massage, Nadi Vaidyam Yogic Healing Consultations, cooking classes, Mehndi (Traditional Indian Henna Tattoos) and treatments. Inquire for rates.

 Rates: minimum $299 for a weekend; $749 per week; $1,995 per month, includes 2.5 hours of Yoga instruction daily, access to all ashram facilities, all meals and accommodation.

Seva “Selfless Service” Yoga Retreats

Modern living has distanced us from the connection and sense of meaning that fills us when we work, in a group, toward a common goal. Our Seva Retreats are an opportunity to indulge in that power of unity and Yogic living. Our days begin and end with hours of practice, the guiding rhythm at Sat Manav. Everything else we do, from the kitchen to the office, is Seva in support of that.

The Ashram has 17 buildings, 160 acres of land, miles of meditation walking trails, and large gardens to maintain, 20 cord of wood to stack, temples to clean...

This is a wonderful way to experience and glean the benefits of Yogi life “from the inside”, and a perfect option for anyone with financial limitations. The average cost of a Seva Retreat is $50/day, including 1+ hours of daily Yoga instruction, all food, use of the Ashram amenities, and lodging. We determine cost on a case by case basis. Contact us or apply below to work out the details of your Seva Retreat today!

Group Yoga Retreats

We offer group rates for friends and family looking for a unique and powerful way to spend the weekend. You can join one of our scheduled retreats or we can create a custom program for you! We also offer discounts to teachers/coaches who bring students. Please contact us for details. We hope to see you soon!

Nadi Vaidyam Yogic Healing Retreat

Nadi Vaidyam (purification of the energy pathways) is one of the oldest systems of healing and preventative medicine. Nadi Vaidyam uses diet, supplements, and physical and energetic alignments to bring you optimal health and wellbeing. On your retreat you will receive:

  • Private consultations sharing the science behind and application of the optimal diet and lifestyle to bring you abundant health

  • Body work sessions using physical manipulations to align the body and create space for vitality to flow

  • The ideal whole foods, plant-based diet for release of toxicity and rejuvenation on the cellular, energetic and emotional levels

  • Yoga Intensives that will meld with your level of experience, physical accomplishment and spiritual needs perfectly

  • Group and personal meditation sessions

  • The optimal environment for digital, physical and emotional detox and nature immersion

If you are looking to release toxicity, reverse dis-ease, rejuvenate body and mind, or want to prevent the need to do so, this is the retreat you are looking for. For more information click here on our Natural Healing Program page.