Our Vegan Menu

Mitahara: the proper way of eating

The Earth provides all what we need. As Humans, we sow, we take care, we harvest, we arrange the elements together, and suddenly the magic happens!!! The meal is served! At the ashram we are thankful for each meal every day. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our guests amazing healthy plant-based foods focused on the principles of yoga, being one of them AHIMSA - non violence. Our meals are vegan, highly organic, prepared and cooked with much love and devotion towards the enhancement of life!

If you are a visitor, you will know…the smell is in the air. You will experience this amazing and one of the favorite moments of our festivals, our retreats, and our yoga & meditation classes. Come and enjoy the magic in the air…and on your plate.

Check out what our guests have to say about it:

Fresh and flavorful. Made with love!
— Mary Rogers
The food, place and people are all amazing. Pure magic!
— Don Pillsbury
Beautifully seasoned and steeping with love!
— Lisa Silverman
Some of the best vegan food I have had in my entire life!!!
— June Lampert
I began changing the way I ate about 3 years ago after my first visit to the Ashram....Every meal I have eaten there is pure goodness for the body, mind and soul.
— Katy Hanely
Delicious, savory fulfillment in vegetable form! I absolutely love the food at the Ashram, and the whole style of eating. The ceremony of it all feeds your soul and your stomach simultaneously!
— Elizabeth Smedberg

Want to experience some of this wonderful fare?

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