Sat Manav

Tattoos & Talismans

is a Yogic Sacred Arts studio run by long-time dedicated Yogi Bhagavan Das “Shug” Shyam. Located at Shilo Farm in Elliot, ME Sat Manav Tattoos & Talismans is a private studio. This means that all custom art work consultations and sessions are done by appointment only and there is only one recipient in the studio at any time. This provides the ideal environment for the transformational power of the artwork to take shape.

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Bhagavan Das (Shug) Shyam has been practicing and studying Yoga continuously since 1997 as an initiated disciple of the Gurus of Sat Manav Yoga Ashram. Spending years living in retreat and by his Gurus’ side kindled his passion and innate wisdom on the practical nature of classical Yoga. As a founding ashram member, builder, visionary artist, musician and father, Shug understands how to bring spiritual practice into everyday activities. He practices and teaches from this deep foundation--sharing the sincerity and authentic knowledge that can only be offered from a lifetime of devotion, focused intention and intense Sadhana (practice) for the benefit of all beings. In addition to teaching Yoga and meditation, Shug performs with the kirtan group Shiva Lila and has recently launched Sat Manav Tattoos and Talismans. By manifesting his own human potential, he has helped many others connect with theirs. This is someone you definitely want to meet.

Interested in a custom piece? See his latest work and contact us on Instagram, here, or Facebook, here, to talk to Bhagavan Das text (207) 542-6606 or send us an email.




“Shug is an incredible artist, who took the time & energy to work with me on a design that would visually represent what I felt in my heart & soul. It is (and may continue to be) one of the more simple of tattoos he creates, but to me, it is pure magic.”
— Lisa Kawski



...The universe was waiting for me to meet Shug at Sat Manav Tattoos!... The spiritual ability of Shug to co-create with me was miraculous and one-of-a-kind...The design, the linework, the coloring is all absolutely STELLAR. This is not only a beautiful addition to your body, it will be a living, breathing life force that will help connect you to your authentic self, to who you want to become, but really, who you already are.
— Jake Fahey

Yantra, Sacred Geomentry...