Ashram Life

Ashram Life

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Sat Manav Yoga Ashram is a traditional Yoga community in the mountains of western Maine, USA. We live together with our Gurus as families and individuals, as the Rishis did in ancient times. As such, we offer the visitor an experience of a spiritually centered way of life that has almost disappeared from the modern world, even in India.

The Ashram creates a unique environment conducive to a state of being aligned with our greatest desire and true purpose: to experience deep and lasting fulfillment. Everything about the Ashram, from the landscape to the meals, inspires spiritual development.

The resident initiated Yogis honor and uphold the traditional Guru-disciple relationship of classical Yoga, studying with our Guru to further ourselves along the path of Yoga, for the benefit of all. The primary purpose of life is spiritual practice, and the flow of Ashram activity revolves around this. We come together for formal group practice both morning and evening, and endeavor to practice constantly throughout the working day experiencing the profound peace and joy from the incredible practice of Yogic living.

Situated on 100 wooded acres, our beautiful home is a sacred retreat environment as far removed from the hustle and bustle of conventional life.

We are miles off-the-grid at the end of a long, dirt road, nestled in the mountains, along a rushing stream. A truly idyllic setting. We heat with wood, hand drawn water, solar lighting, allowing us to stay in tune with the natural flow of life giving resources; the ideal environment for deep Yoga practice, release and rejuvenation.

A life of practice and devotion is a heart- and mind-changing path that aligns us with our true nature. This enables us to benefit all beings—and ultimately to change humanity’s consciousness—by experiencing and emanating the fulfillment and happiness that we all seek.

This emanation is the source of the harmony you feel when you visit. We invite you to join us in this experience by scheduling a retreat or attending an event.