Our Philosophy

Our Yoga Retreats Philosophy

Sat (truth) Manav (human being) Yoga (the process of union) is the process of becoming a true human being.

In keeping with Yoga tradition, our retreats are not intended to be a simple getaway, but a life-changing experience. Sat Manav Yoga is a complete system of Yogic Living, applicable to every life, fulfilling Yoga's original intention: to enhance life! 

For millennia, Yogis have utilized retreats as an immersion into spiritual sadhana (practice) unhindered by the distractions of everyday life. We take that traditional approach. We use every environmental factor to help our retreatants attain a deep experience of sadhana; from the temples and shrines, rushing mountain streams, and vegan fare, to the overall tranquil emanations of being in a secluded place surrounded by nature and people devoted to attaining true fulfillment through Yoga. We limit our retreats to ten participants to maximize your experience.  

Our Sat Manav Yoga retreat weekends focus on identifying, embodying and living our true purpose as humans: to experience and emanate fulfillment for the benefit of all beings. They are entirely supported by full-time practitioners who follow the traditional path of Yoga, living and studying with our Gurus Sri Bhagavan VaShi Baba and Sri Mirabai Ishwari. We are not instructors leading classes, but Yogis sharing our experience and passion.

The main intention of our retreats is to assist in the establishment, or deepening, of a daily practice for all who join us. Through daily, focused attention you can reach a state of fulfillment, becoming a positive point of emanation in the universe!

Our retreats are not "vacations" to simply step away from your life to de-stress, but an intensive experience for you to step into the life you long for! Don't wait!

To delve into the life-changing practices and techniques of Sat Manav Yoga, we offer five retreats programs:

On April 12th we will be launching our new Retreats at the Ashram, for spring, summer and fall season of 2019!

More then 20 themes for you to pick which is best for you and your family.

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Personal Retreat

Our personal retreat program allows you to concentrate on your personal practice, taking full advantage of the powerfully supportive Yogic environment of Sat Manav Yoga Ashram. You will enjoy full access to our Yoga Shala, meditation temples, vegan Yogic fare provided, a daily yoga class, group yoga and meditation practices, miles of woodland walking trails... This is the perfect environment to deepen your personal practice and expand your Life! Available at any time! 

 Rates: $299 for a weekend; $749 per week; $1,995 per month. 

Includes a daily Yoga Intensive, access to the ashram facilities, all meals and private accommodation*.

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