Vashi treatments

Vashi Treatments


Vashi Abhyanga & Vashi Yoga massage

We work in two phases, one phase, the Abhyanga, is held using natural therapeutic oilation to help the body to release and promote relaxation of the muscles, tendons and spine on the physical level, as well as enhancement of the flow of life force within.

A second phase is based on the manipulation of the body towards decompression and alignment. This allows more blood circulation to take place, muscles to lengthen and oxygenate, and joints to have more space between them allowing even more flow of prana. It also brings the spine back into alignment allowing proper movement in the whole body, releasing blockages and tension, which in many cases are the main source of pain.

To enroll, you can come for a weekend yoga retreat, (your consultation as part of our package) or you can schedule a specific appointment.

Prices: Vashi Abhyanga or Vashi Yoga massage price within one of our programs: $75; price isolated: $100.

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