Mitahara the proper food



the proper food intake


Everything we eat…

… will be broken down into molecules, which will become part of our being. Eating is the most intimate relationship we have, especially because of the great impact it has on us. “We become what we eat!” Depending on what molecules come from our diet, our organs, mood and behavior will reflect accordingly.

Diet is the first step…

… in our ‘Nadi Vaydium Ultimate Health and Wellbeing’ program because every aspect of you will first depend on it. This program is a ride through an intensive overview of which actually is the human body ecology, how does it work, how to reach the ultimate potential of this incredible biological machine we were born with, and in a very simple way, expanding the understanding of what a human diet is, naturally.


We will guide you…

… through the main principles of proper food combining, proper times of eating, review your eating habits, analyze the need of supplementation with enzymes and probiotics, review which are the issues you might be facing and the reasons why that is happening. And the results which are the ultimate intention of Yoga: to experience and emanate fulfillment! 

To enroll, you can come for a weekend yoga retreat, (your consultation as part of our package) or you can schedule a specific appointment.

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Prices: 1h consultation within one of our programs is $75 and outside of our programs is $ 100;

2h consultation within one of our programs is $150 and outside of our programs is $ 175.