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Personal Retreat


Personal Retreat

If you are looking for a life-changing getaway, a place to unplug and contemplate the meaning of life...deepen your practice...your search has come to a, very exciting, end.

We are located on 100 acres of secluded hardwood forest, with streams winding their way through shrines, temples dedicated to Yoga, meditation and reflection. With private and semi-private accommodations free of wi-fi, and other disturbing electronics, a wood fired sauna, surrounded by a lifestyle and people devoted to finding our true purpose as human beings, there is no better place to transform your life. 

Rates: $299 for the weekend; $749 for the week; $1,995 for the month. Price includes, but does not require: all meals, accommodation, daily 2 hour morning Yoga Intensive, attendance at our morning and evening group practices, full access to our facilities: Sauna, Yoga Shala, meditation temples, extensive Yoga library, walking meditation trails and more.


With optional Yoga Intensives, Yogic Life and Wellness Consultations, available on site, there is not a more conducive place for your personal retreat!


All within the emanations of dedicated practitioners. This is not just a place free distractions, a blank canvas to help you discover yourself, but a three dimensional world that will assist and enhance your journey, allowing you to get the most out of your time of pursuit towards a happier, healthier, more meaningful life!

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What you get out of this retreat...

  • Release...Reverse...Rejuvenate...

  • Recharge to attain a more fulfilling,  productive and healthy life

  • The space to have a daily meditation and hatha yoga practice

  • Benefit yourself, your loved ones and the world at large by becoming a positive point in the universe

  • Enjoy a sacred environment where every minute is focused on life expantion


For more information...

*If you are in a room with 2 single beds, during our other retreats you may be given a room mate. Weekends only.