Vashi Yoga


Vashi Yoga:

Asanas, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, Samyama

With the combination of proper diet and toxin reduction, Vashi Yoga is a powerful tool in the hands of the practitioner. With this practice, the life force is absorbed intensely and expands throughout the body. The mind quiets and reaches a state of bliss, experiencing expansion of the sensing.



With pranayama you will be working on the extension of the life force, expanding the subtle energy that makes your body function. When we utilize   the full capacity of our breath we are able to not only improve our blood circulation, oxygenation and increase our respiratory capacity but it also helps to regulate the endocrine glands, and intensify the vibration of the vital force that resides in the heart and lungs area. 

Bandhas and Mudras

As part of the support of the full practice of Vashi Yoga Mudras and Bandhas are utilized. They are precise Body and Breath manipulations that support the flow of life force energy. It establishes a pranic balance and regulates the prana within.  Each Mudra and Bandha promote different effect on the body, mind and the energy and through its practice one can overcome habit patterns and develop a more discerned consciousness. 


With all of these together, Samyama takes place as the main aspect of all of them. It is known as ‘intense focused attention’ where we apply our full attention to the movement of prana, the expansion of awareness, and the enhancement of the sensing itself. Through Samyama one can expand longevity and wellness indefinitely!

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